[uClinux-dev] busybox- telnetd causes segmentation fault on Coldfire 5485 Linux v2.6

Juergen Pfeiffer j.pfeiffer at seskion.de
Thu Oct 20 04:02:53 EDT 2005

Hi everybody,

we have a problem with Embedded Linux (Kernel 2.6.10) on a Cobra-5485 
evaluation board:
We always get a "segmentation fault" message when starting "telnetd":

sh-2.05# /usr/sbin/telnetd
Segmentation fault

/usr/sbin/telnetd is a symbolic link to /bin/busybox.
Busybox Version is v1.00

Does anyone have an idea what's the problem?

Jürgen Pfeiffer 	
	* _mailto:j.pfeiffer at seskion.de_
SesKion Softwareentwicklung und System Konzeption GmbH 	
	( : +49-711-9905814
Karlsruher Str. 11/1 	
	Fax: +49-711-9905827
D-70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen 	
	1 _http://www.seskion.de_

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