[uClinux-dev] System V IPC under kernel 2.6.x

Daniel Alomar dalomar at serrasold.com
Wed Oct 19 06:51:17 EDT 2005

Hi folks,

I'm compiling a coldfire 5282 board under uClinux at kernel 2.6.x tree, and
I notice that the "System V IPC" option is not enable. Up to now, with the
Kernel 2.4.x I was able to choose this option but, despite I have already
enable the "Posix threading support" under the "Genreal Library Setting" at
uClibc, now this option is not enable. There is support for IPCs at 2.6.x
under uClinux?

Best regards,

Daniel Alomar i Claramonte
Research & Development Electronic Dept.
WEB Site: http://www.serrasold.com
Knowledge Site: http://serratron.serrasold.com 

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