[uClinux-dev] The Power of 2

Paul McGougan paul.mcgougan at braintree.com.au
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> Greg:
> > > Any pointers to where what to do for the 2.6 kernel?
> >
> >Nobody ever really carried it forward from the 2.4 kernels.
> Do you know if anyone is working on this? How important is this to
> people's
> 2.6.x deployments?

I have done it and we are using it internally, but I never got around to
cleaning it up enough so that I wouldn't be embarrassed to release it. ;)

I will try to find some time in the next few weeks to do so.

However I don't know what the release process for getting something into the
2.6 tree is, since it's not just our little uClinux world that we are
talking about.


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