[uClinux-dev] inittab and shell commands

Sandro M sandro.mores at ecsproject.com
Mon Oct 17 10:14:32 EDT 2005

Hello guys,
I have a little problem with inittab: I wrote my own application that does a lot of things, and one of these is that it creates a file using for the filename this pattern:  "name" +ggdd+ ".dd", where ggdd is the number of the day and the month.
I get the 2 vars gg e dd usign this command (in a EXTERN script that my application launch usign execv()): 

name`date +%d%m`.dd

Now, if I put my application on rc file all goes right, but if I put it in the inittab file, the command "date +%d%m" doesnt run and it returns a blank string :(
why?? How can I do to make my application "never-die" ?

Thanks a lot,
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