[uClinux-dev] net-snmp configuration

Doug Kehn rdkehn at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 16 08:49:22 EDT 2005

Hi Hector,

Which uClinux-dist are you referring?  And what
compiler errors are you getting?


--- Hector Oron wrote:

> Hello,
>   Have you been succesful compiling net-smnp ?
>   I'm trying to do it also, i just need and agent
> and send some traps. I
> have a XPC855 (powerpc) and my host machine is an
> AMD (i686) i have been
> able to compile snmpd on uClinux-dist package, but i
> can't cross-compile
> net-snmp yet.
>   Well, good luck and tell about good news :-)
>  You are not alone.
>  Cheers !

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