[uClinux-dev] C++ in uclinux

John Williams jwilliams at itee.uq.edu.au
Thu Oct 13 22:56:01 EDT 2005

Hi Sujatha,

sujatha wrote:

> It uses fltk which is a C++ source code.I saw in the mailing list that
> C++ and mb-gcc is not working fine.
> Has this problem been solved?

No - C++ support is not yet complete for MicroBlaze uClinux.

> What shud i do to make it work?

Things are probably a lot better with the most recent mb-gcc tools, 
download them from the website.  Also the most revent uClinux-dist CVS 
has some changes in the uClibc support for MicroBlaze that will be 
required for C++ to work.


Then, in uClinux-dist menuconfig, in user/vendor settings, 
miscellaneous, enable the C++ test programs.

When you next do make dep, all etc, the build system will try to build 
the STLport c++ libraries.  Last time I tried, this is where it failed.

 From here, it's just up to you to debug, fix, test, etc.

Keep us informed (here and on the mb-uclinux list) - it would be great 
if you can get this working.



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