[uClinux-dev] Memory problem with arm-nommu /?Clinux

David McCullough davidm at snapgear.com
Thu Oct 13 19:14:38 EDT 2005

Jivin Chris Gray lays it down ...
> On Thursday 13 October 2005 14:20, Baptiste Decroix wrote:
> > Thanks for the tip
> > As I think about it, is there a limit to the size of the program you
> > can run on uClinux?
> Depends on how you compile the kernel, but I've seen configurations in which 
> the maximum was 1 MB due to the way the memory allocation was configured. 
> There's probably an absolute maximum, but it will be much greater (4 GB?).

4G is definately one limit,  though most embedded systems are limited by
physical memory.

The contiguous allocator is limited to about 24Mb IIRC,  and the
standard allocator has some configurable limits up to 32Mb.


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