[uClinux-dev] m68k-pic-coff-gcc problems with ceil

Patrick Michael Blue pblue1 at fau.edu
Thu Oct 13 14:56:23 EDT 2005

  I'm sure this is a very basic question, but I've searched the email 
list archives as well as the web and came up with nothing.  I'm 
attempting to compile a c program for use on an m68k uprocessor which 
uses ceil and I'm getting errors:

undefined reference to 'ceil'

Normally I would use -lm and that solves the problem (when not trying 
to compile for the m68k).  I'm not sure if that option is available 
with the tool chain I'm trying to use.  If anyone could point me in the 
right direction on how to use the ceil function with uclinux and the 
m68k I would very much appreciate it!!!


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