RE: ????????: [uClinux-dev] Memory problem with arm-nommu /μClinux

Friedrich, Lars lars.friedrich at
Thu Oct 13 05:35:35 EDT 2005

>> 您发给我的信件已经收到。
> Excuse me, I can't read your message.
> Do you speak english?


No trouble reading it here.. 

发 a guy standing at a bar
给 lightning hitting a house (the bar?) (or close by)
我 chaos
的 smashed the window with the elbow
信 drove car out of garage/away from bar
件 along a highway with power poles
已 2
经 houses on fire due to the lightning
收 picked up the phone and called someone (most likely fire brigade)
到 sound from a speaker/siren from the fire brigade

I just don't know what the story has to do with uClinux.
I guess this is explained in the first icon...maybe it was a meeting
of uClinux freaks in the bar.

Best regards,
Lars Friedrich

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