[uClinux-dev] Memory problem with arm-nommu /µClinux

Baptiste Decroix baptiste.decroix at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 09:47:16 EDT 2005


I've been working for a few months to make Wonka (an open-source JVM)
run on an arm-based board, with no mmu and running µClinux.
I've been able to cross-compile Wonka successfully for my platform but
when I try to run a simple application, all I got is a memory error.

I wonder if the problem come from wonka or from µClinux, as the error
happen just after the system call start_thread(...).
I switch on the DEBUG in binfmt_flat.c and change the flags in the
executable to have more informations on what happened:

# arm-elf-flthdr wonka
    Magic:        bFLT
    Rev:          4
    Entry:        0x50
    Data Start:   0x87640
    Data End:     0xa3800
    BSS End:      0xa9730
    Stack Size:   0x2000
    Reloc Start:  0xa3800
    Reloc Count:  0xa7b
    Flags:        0x13 ( Load-to-Ram Has-PIC-GOT )

When I run the application, I have this output:

# ./wonka Hello
BINFMT_FLAT: Loading file: ./wonka
Mapping is 435000, Entry point is 50, data_start is 87640
Load ./wonka: TEXT=435040-4bc640 DATA=4bc644-4d8804 BSS=4d8804-4de734
start_thread(regs=0x3f45fb8, entry=0x435050, start_stack=0x4e0f70)
fault-common.c 243
Bus error

printf in the wonka main() don't even show.
I've seen that fault-common.c is a memory error but I can't tell from
where it comes.

Does anyone see something that I made obviously wrong?
How can I get an idea of the appropriate size to use for the stack?


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