[uClinux-dev] MTD + ARM7TDMI + kernel 2.6

Håkan Kvist hagar at df.lth.se
Tue Oct 11 04:09:14 EDT 2005


I'm running an embedded system based on a ARM7TDMI (ARM7 without FPU
and MMU). I would very much like to get access to the nand-flash
memory on my board.

The MTD sub-system of the kernel depends on the alignment trap
handler, which for ARM requiers MMU. 

Is the whole MTD subsystem dependent on the alignment trap handler,
or is it possible to get a working MTD subsystem, when leaving out
parts that requires support for unaligned access? And in that case,
which parts should be excluded?

Has anyone been trying to convert the alignment trap-handler for use
by a non MMU ARM platform? Is it doable, or would it require a massive
amount of work to get it right?


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