[uClinux-dev] RE: How to reboot my board 5282

Oscar Fraile oscar.fraile at mtorres.es
Mon Oct 10 03:37:43 EDT 2005

Thanks Greg and Mike,

I read in the uClinux mailing list some questions about that, all of then refer that it is necesary modify the code in "system.h".

I look for "system.h" and found it. The part of code i change is :

#define HARD_RESET_NOW() ({		\
	asm("				\
	movew #0x270, %sr;		\
	moveal #0x4, %a0;		\
	moveal (%a0), %a0;		\
	jmp (%a0);			\
	");				\


#define HARD_RESET_NOW() ({		\
	asm("				\
	jmp 0xffc00400			\
	");				\

The direction "0xffc00400" is where my Bootloader starts to run the code. When i have to program the flash (write the bootloader in flash), i need to specify the "0xffc00000" direction, but the code of the bootloader just starts at "0xffc00400". The 400 first directions are empty, (equivalent to 1024 Bytes), i supouse it is due to my Bootloader configurations.

The "0xffc00000" is the direction memory map where the flash 

Now, the reboot command runs ok, only make changes in the DEFINE of "system.h" file.

Thanks a lot.

>     I use the shutdown command.  "shutdown - r now" to reboot and
> "shutdown -h now" to halt the system.  It works on my 5282 board.
> Mike
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> What sort of board is your 5282 on?
> The cpu/board specific reboot code is in
> linux-2.4.x/include/asm-m68knommu/system.h
> so have a look at that.
> Regards
> Greg

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