[uClinux-dev] RE:How to compile snmp for uClinux

唐剑 diamondv at 163.com
Sun Oct 9 20:48:49 EDT 2005

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> Date: Sun, 9 Oct 2005 21:43:08 +0800
> From: "Guotii" <dhyf at zj165.com>
> Subject: [uClinux-dev] How to compile snmp for uClinux
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> Hi all,
> 	I work for uClinux+ARM7TDMI.I need compile snmp in uClinux.There
maybe some
> ways to compile net-snmp.One is to choose net-snmp when configure the
> kernel and Application.My question is whether I can derectly compile
> for uClinux:
> 	at net-snmp derectory:
> 	./configure --target=TYPE       /TYPE is ARM?
> regards.
> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Guotii
> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!dhyf at zj165.com
> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2005-10-09

Hi, guotii
	Sure. You can directly compile net-snmp in the net-snmp directory.
The TYPE is not ARM, is ARMNOMMU.

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