[uClinux-dev] the gdbserver problem

Phil Wilshire pwilshire at cox.net
Sat Oct 8 08:09:18 EDT 2005


The *.gdb file is an elf format file to use on the Debug host not the
target system.
The Target only understands flat files produced by the build process

So you run
xxx on the target under gdbsever

and use xxx.gdb on the host with the debugger.
xxx.gdb contains all the symbol information that the debugger needs to
control the xxx executable on the target.

Phil Wilshire

pengfushi wrote:

> hi i am not very familiar with the arm-elf-tool ,my question is the
> arm-elf-gcc ,when i use it to
> compile a source file then download the xxx.gdb ,however the gdbserver
> said
> BINFMT_FLAT: bad magic/rev (0x1010161, need 0x4)
> BINFMT_FLAT: bad magic/rev (0x1010161, need 0x4)
> Cannot exec hello.gdb
> Process hello.gdb created; pid = 16
> Child exited with retcode = 7f
> code at 0xffffffff - 0xffffffff, data at 0xffffffff
> and in my host arm-elf-gdb
> Remote debugging using
> Couldn't establish connection to remote target
> Remote communication error: Connection reset by peer.
> why it happen ,is there any problem with my compiler or the gdbserver .
> BTW ,would you tell how to use the so many compile opintion ,is there
> any manual introduce
> the arm-elf-gcc .
> thank you.
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