[uClinux-dev] XIP broken in 2.4.31-uc0 ? (fwd)

Erwin Authried eauth at softsys.co.at
Sat Oct 8 06:58:57 EDT 2005

Am Sam, den 08.10.2005 schrieb David McCullough um 7:28:
> Jivin David Howells lays it down ...
> > David McCullough <davidm at snapgear.com> wrote:
> > 
> > > Not currently,  this is still working with the old romptr code in
> > > conjunction with the new mmap stuff.
> > 
> > It should be possible to dispense with the romptr op, at least in the 2.6
> > kernel.
> I fully intend to get rid of it in 2.4 as well,  but we are in the last
> stages of a release and a lot of people rely on XIP working,  so a
> complete re-implementation at this stage didn't seem the ideal time :-)
I'm wondering if it's really worth to do that in 2.4. There are strong
reasons to move to 2.6 if you use XIP, because MTD supports execution of
XIP apps as well as the kernel from flash, with the ability to
program/erase at the same time. If we are there, that's something that
*really* deserves to be called XIP. You know that MTD has dropped 2.4
support (I hate this policy, but what shell we do?), but backporting the
new MTD stuff into 2.4 seems like a waste of time.


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