[uClinux-dev] the gdbserver problem

pengfushi pengfushi at 126.com
Sat Oct 8 06:05:19 EDT 2005

hi  i am not very familiar with the arm-elf-tool ,my question is the arm-elf-gcc ,when i use it to 
compile a source file  then download the xxx.gdb ,however the gdbserver said
   BINFMT_FLAT: bad magic/rev (0x1010161, need 0x4)
   BINFMT_FLAT: bad magic/rev (0x1010161, need 0x4)
   Cannot exec hello.gdb
   Process hello.gdb created; pid = 16
   Child exited with retcode = 7f
   code at 0xffffffff - 0xffffffff, data at 0xffffffff
and in my host arm-elf-gdb
   Remote debugging using
   Couldn't establish connection to remote target
   Remote communication error: Connection reset by peer.
why it happen ,is there any problem  with my compiler or the gdbserver .
BTW ,would you tell how to use the so many compile opintion ,is there any manual introduce
the arm-elf-gcc .
thank you.
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