[uClinux-dev] can I got some help for Winbond board(arm7tdmi) ??

qiugongfen water018 at 163.com
Sat Oct 8 04:47:24 EDT 2005


        I am a new boy to uClinux and so happy to study this.
I got a Winbond borad ,the config is :arm7tdmi,1 serial,2 macs,2M flash(AMD),
8M sdram,and some I/O.
        First, i download linux-2.4.20 and patch this uclinux's diff.I install 
arm-elf-gcc 3.0 and the other tools.
        I know the uClinux don't support this Winbond board, and i must add 
drivers about serial or net or other .I know the hardware's configure and i 
know how to config(see the winbond's datesheet.).
        But I want to know I must to modify which source?Please give me some 

        Many thanks.

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