[uClinux-dev] set the NFSMOUNT environment variable

Andrew Kohlsmith akohlsmith-uclinux at benshaw.com
Thu Oct 6 22:46:51 EDT 2005

On Thursday 06 October 2005 22:14, Stephane wrote:
> B$ setenv NFSMOUNT /usr
> B$ printenv NFSMOUNT
> or
> B$ setenv NFSMOUNT " /usr"
> B$ printenv NFSMOUNT

Yes I see the same issue on the 5282 when I'm trying to set a couple of 
KERNEL_ARGS...  I can't set more than one.  If I use a space it inserts an 
'=', if I use a comma the kernel doesn't understand.

*whew* I thought I was doing something stupid.  :-)  I've asked Arcturus for 
some full documentation on uCbootloader outside of what was provided in the 
uC5282 manual but so far nothing.  

Granted, it wasn't that long ago.  :-)


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