[uClinux-dev] Need help with sleeping processes

Sandro M sandro.mores at ecsproject.com
Thu Oct 6 03:18:42 EDT 2005

Hello everyone,
I have a boa web server running on uclinux on M5282 Coldfire.
I write my cgi apps in awk; Sometimes my web page needs to wait another process that it create a file, and when the file is ready the web page continues its works. So I need to put in sleep mode the web page (or the web server, it's the same for  me); I try to use the system() function of awk like "system("sleep 2")", but this doesnt sleep the page, but sleeps all the system. Somebody know how I can sleep ONLY the process that runs the awk cgi file?
Sorry for my english, thanks in advance
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