[uClinux-dev] JFFS2 MAX size

Mpourtounis Dimitrios mpourtou at ceid.upatras.gr
Wed Oct 5 15:32:52 EDT 2005


I have a board with 8 MB flash. I want to format it as JFFS2.
Until now, there was no filesystem on the flash. Just hardcoded everything 
at flash addresses.

The space i have given to my zipped(initrd compiled in) boot image is 7+ 
MB. Everything works fine if i erase all this mtdblock, cp a jffs2 
filesystem to it, but  I cannot mount it. My kernel crashes without any 
message at all and reboots.

The above cannot be reproduced in any other block.

So, I changed the mtdblocks' size, 6+MB  also could not be mounted, but 4 
MB mount ok.

Is there a maximum jffs filesystem limit?

If it were the flash chip that caused the crash(hardware issue), then I 
think my next mtdblock (image is mtdblock 2, configuration is 3) would be 
the one that would crash, but it does not. However, I am not 100% sure 
that it is not hardware until I make some more tests.


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