[uClinux-dev] Help: Need advice for NETWORK platform choice

V.Kukushkin vlkukushkin at yandex.ru
Wed Oct 5 08:42:45 EDT 2005

I am looking for ready-to-use reference board for our network nodes.

I have experienced with IXP425 based only, but sure there is a lot of less  
expensive platforms.
I've looked at amount of web sites, primarly US or China based companies.
All of them sells boards for 300+ $US.
Can somebody help me with choice or helpful links?

Our requirements:
*) price <= 200 US$
1) PCI or mini-PCI slots or on-board NICs - 2-4 for wireless 11g/a  
2) Ethernet ports - 1-2
3) RAM 32-128 Mb
4) Flash 8-32 Mb
5) Serial port - 1
6) PoE or voltage stabilizer (optional)

This board is planning to work under Linux.


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