[uClinux-dev] RFC: Updating ./user folder...

Erwin Authried eauth at softsys.co.at
Wed Oct 5 03:11:04 EDT 2005

Am Die, den 04.10.2005 schrieb Robin Getz um 14:52:
> There seems to be a few neglected packages in the user folder - they have 
> been updated and maintained in their respective main-line projects, but do 
> not seem to be as up-to-date in the uClinux-dist.
> In talking about this with Greg - he is happy to update these, as long as 
> they are known to work on the 2.4 and 2.6 kernels. Since my hardware only 
> supports 2.6, is there anyone around with hardware that is supported by 
> 2.4, that has some time to do some kicking of newer packages to see if they 
> have issues?
> Things like ./jffs2 support will be a little troublesome - as the main-line 
> project has abandoned the 2.4 kernel series:
> http://www.linux-mtd.infradead.org/source.html#kernelversions
>  >As of March 2005 we dropped Linux 2.4 support from CVS head.
>  > This means we not longer care whether the CVS code can be
>  >used on Linux 2.4 or not.
> I would propose that for these types of situations, to leave the existing 
> ./user/mtd-utils for 2.0 and 2.4 kernels and create a new 
> /user/mtd-utils-2.6.x to separate things that need tight integration with 
> specific kernel versions. IThe correct directory will be added via the make 
> system. Thoughts or opinions?
> When a packages seem to be working on 2.4 and 2.6, I will send patches (or 
> urls) here for further testing/committing to cvs.
Hi Robin,
this sounds good. Generally, something like a "contributed-patches"
archive where people can post patches or new versions would be great.
When there's enough feedback, the patches can then be moved into the


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