[uClinux-dev] What process is managing /var/log/syslog and how can I switch to syslogd?

Eric Moyer emoyer at seabd.com
Tue Oct 4 12:52:27 EDT 2005

I am running a 2.4.x uC-libc kernel build on a MCF5272 and would like to use
BusyBox syslogd to do remote logging. 


Some other process is trapping syslog calls and logging them to
/var/log/syslog.  syslogd starts fine and logs its own startup and shutdown
messages to /var/log/messages, but that's all that ever shows up in that
log.  All the syslog() calls being made by other apps get logged to


Before I compiled in syslogd logging was going to /var/log/syslog (again, in
spite of there being no apparent daemon running to service it), which is
what makes me suspect that the same mechanism is operating presently.  I
cannot kill syslogd to test this because whenever I kill syslogd it
immediately restarts.


1.   I do not see any other processes running that look like a syslog daemon
to me.  Who is logging to /var/log/syslog and how do I stop that so that I
can use syslogd instead?  My goal is to log remotely using syslogd's -R
feature, but I can't begin to do that until I get the logs routed through
syslogd in the first place.


2.   What process is starting syslogd anyway?  It is not in the rc script,
but it (like boa) gets started at boot anyway.  Where is that done?  Why
does it start again immediately if I kill it?



Here is the process list:

/> ps


    1      S      25K     0K  4.5 /bin/init

    2      S       0K     0K  1.2 keventd

    3      R       0K     0K  0.1 ksoftirqd_CPU0

    4      S       0K     0K  0.0 kswapd

    5      S       0K     0K  0.0 bdflush

    6      S       0K     0K  0.0 kupdated

   14      S      46K     0K  0.1 portmap

   15      S      13K     0K  0.0 /bin/hld

   17      S       0K     0K  0.0 rpciod

   18      S       0K     0K  0.0 lockd

   19      S    4678K     0K  2.4 /var/nfs/hsv

   21   S0 R      24K     0K  0.7 /bin/sh

   22      S      14K     0K  0.3 /bin/inetd

   23      S      37K     0K  0.4 /bin/boa

   24      S      37K     0K  0.3 /bin/syslogd -n


Here is 


Eric Moyer

Chief Technical Officer

Seaboard Engineering

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