[uClinux-dev] Problem with PS, DMESG and IXP425 driver

G r a n z o t o granzoto at bluepex.com
Tue Oct 4 08:32:17 EDT 2005

 Hi Greg,

> That all looks good too. Are they just the default
> module build settings for the SG580 (from the snapgear
> modules patch)?

 Yes, I just unselected the option below :

  [ ]   cryptoAcc

> Are your kernel and user programm configurations just the default
> SG580 configs, or have you modified them in some way?

 No, it's not the default, because I need some modifications. In fact, a lot of...

 I think the most importants are :

      I unselect the option '[ ] Build STLport'

      I changed the RAMFS Size to '(2048K) RAMFS Image'

 I made a lot of modifications in the 'Network Applications' and in the 'BusyBox'. 
 If you want, I can send it to you...

 I tryed to use the PS from 'Miscellaneous Applications' instead BusyBox, and everything
 is working fine, including DMESG.

> Also, what toolchain are you using?

 I'm not sure that was only it I installed :

  - sh-linux-tools-20021008.tar.gz

  - arm-linux-tools-20031127.tar.gz

  Best Regards,

  Renato Granzoto

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