[uClinux-dev] USB Host for the 5282

Daniel Alomar dalomar at serrasold.com
Mon Oct 3 06:49:38 EDT 2005

Hi Julien,

Finally I achieve to compile succesfully your USB modified driver, but I'm
not sure at all of the IRQ and IO Configuration. 

My IRQ is 4 and I notice that you made a irq -=65 from you IRQ (25 at
sl811-hw.h) :-?... Furthermore, the Base IO address you have is 0x40000001
and I have the 0x90040000. I think there is a lot of difference. I'm not
sure if I have to put this address instead of 0x40000001. This is like my
ISPBAR address (0x40000000). My board has 8 MB of external flash. 

Could you send me your schematics related to the Coldfire-Cypress connection
to try to understand this part?

Best regards,

Daniel Alomar

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Daniel Alomar wrote:
> Hi julien,
> Many thanks for your comments, and off course I'm interested in your 
> sl811.c file.

You will find a zipped tar file in attachement with the file
I did modify.
This partialy work. As I said there are still problems when trying to write
big files to the flashdisk. Please not that I did some bad hack to make this
work (= did things without understanding what I was doing ....) For example,
I had to add a struct scatterlist {} to asm/scatterlist.h, replace
__get_free_pages(GFP_ATOMIC | GFP_DMA, 0) call by
__get_free_pages(GFP_ATOMIC, 0) in scsi_dma.c .... Maybe someone really
knowing about scsi and usb should work on this :)

> Also I think the guys of the list will be also interested in your 
> progress to write on flashdisk. This is one feature that I think is 
> cool for a lot of projects.
> I have one question. In Cypress, the last document from this chip is 
> from 2002... We can relay on this chip?

No idea. As I said, I am not currently using this chip. I'm just playing. A
couple of month ago I asked on this mailing list about which chip could be
used with uClinux. The SL811 and a philips chip were the answers. So I tryed
the Sl811 .....


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