[uClinux-dev] Problem with PS, DMESG and IXP425 driver

Greg Ungerer gerg at snapgear.com
Sun Oct 2 23:41:23 EDT 2005

Hi Granzoto,

G r a n z o t o wrote:
>    I've just compiled IXP400 drivers to my XScale-IXP4xx Board, and
>  it appears to work fine. ( I'm not using Crypto Library)

What board are you using?
What kernel version did you select?
What libc did you choose (glibc or uClibc)?
What version of the AccessLibrary are you using?

>   But, I'm having some troubles when I use the PS or DMESG commands from
>  BusyBox. All the other Busybox commands are working fine, but these two crashes
>  when I call it.
>  Following is an example of the errors :
>  *************
>         # ps
>           PID  Uid     VmSize Stat Command
>             1 root        216 S   []
>             2 root            SW  []
>         ps[208] killed because of sig - 11
>         STACK DUMP:
>         0xbffffdb8: 000360bd 0000004f 00027e1c bffffe84 000347b4 0000b128 bfffff28
>  *************
>  I'm using snapgear-3.3.0-beta0 and the IXP modules from snapgear, and
>  the IXP drivers from Intel Website.
>  I'm not enabling all the options from busybox, just what I will use. Is there
>  any prerequisite to use PS and/or DMESG in Busybox ?

No, none required. Busybox will take care of building in what it needs.

>  May it be caused by any conflict with the IXP driver ?

I wouldn't expect so. Try runnin "ps" before loading the
IXP modules to check.

>  Does anyone did have any problem like this ?

I use this a bit (IXP425 board with busybox), and I haven't seen
any problems with ps.


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