[uClinux-dev] help for serial interrupt issue

Phil Wilshire pwilshire at cox.net
Tue Aug 30 16:01:21 EDT 2005


With the source code in hand you should be able to verify "some guy's"
Sadly not many on the list can help you without more details of hardware
platform and distribution.

So please provide a little more detail in your request.

Most Linux serial drivers work well in full duplex mode.

Phil Wilshire

liubaoliang wrote:

>hi, all
>     Some guy told me that uClinux's serial port is semiduplex, so that mean if the serial is sending data then it cann't receive data?
>     Now I met some issue, our system uses the serial port 1 to communication with a PC, but sometimes we found the serial can send data but cann't receive data, it seems the RX interrupt is closed,and we have done some process such as CLEAR_PEND_IRQ and so on ,but still cann't work very well.By the way,this issue dones not occer all the time,it's stochastic.
>     who can help me ?
>     thanks anyway.
>Best regards.
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