[uClinux-dev] Hi

Michael Durrant mdurrant at uClinux.org
Tue Aug 30 14:56:19 EDT 2005

Erwin and others,

The uClinux developers mailing list does scan for
SPAM and VIRUS files.   These files are forwarded to
a moderator and not to the members of the list. Trust
me when I say the software is working as the moderator
sees hundreds of emails that are stopped from being
forwarded to this mailing list every day.

The emails that some are receiving are a result of
email address harvesting.  As David and you point out
we can not stop others from pretending to use bogus
or inappropriate address in their reply to and from
address fields.   Some spammers are pretending to be
individuals from our list and in some cases I have
seen spam generated from remote machines pretending
to be the list it self.

All Internet users should employ local scanning of
incoming email to protect them selves.

Michael Durrant
mike at uclinux.org

Original email from Erwin follows:

On Sat, 2005-08-27 at 08:47, David McCullough wrote:

 > Jivin Doug Kehn lays it down ...
 > > ...or that he would send an email with the subject of
 > > "Hi".
 > > > --- Heinz-J?rgen Oertel wrote:
 > > > > > > Of course, how could you assume that David sends
 > > > .gif Files here?
 > > >
 > I am forever getting email telling me I am mailing out infected files :-)
 > Fortunately,  I have never actually sent one, unfortunately plenty of
 > people like to pretend they are me when they send infected files.  If I
 > could stop it I would :-)
 > Cheers,
 > Davidm

you can't do anything to prevent viruses from using your address. In
this case, the virus was spread through the mailing list. It would be
great if the list server would scan incoming mail for viruses (e.g.,


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