[uClinux-dev] Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 01:00

Igor Novikov igor at inovikov.net
Mon Aug 22 15:52:17 EDT 2005

Hi Sreesharan,

I managed to boot uclinux 2.4.x  from RAM. Instead of RAMDISK I used romfs.
But basically it is the very similar thing (at least both run from 
RAM).  You always can modify romfs.img
(mounting and unmounting it).
Enable option ROM memory disk device (blkmem)
The compiled image image.bin in /images dir contains inside itself 
Or you can use romfs.img and cat it to the linux.bin to get image.bin

(I used before image.elf but it turns out that it does not have romfs in 
it, therefore it was failing).
Then you need to download image.bin in ram.
It should run fine (start from address 0x20000)
Thanks everyone for advices.

         Igor Novikov

> Hi Sreescharan,
> I let you know any progress I made about the booting linux.
> I tried a few things (including blkmem ROM option, still gave me an 
> error)
> Sreecharan Sivadevuni quote:
>> Hi Igor,
>>           Let me tell you I am trying to do the same
>> thing as you are trying, i.e trying to boot a uClinux
>> out of RAM, be it use RAMDisk or any file system. and
>> I too am stuck at the same point in the booting as you
>> are, needless to say I am looking out for help.
> Then I followed the  advice from Greg
> >The INITRD config option simply enables the kernel to
> >use an init ramdisk image. It doesn't compile one in.
> >You need to generate one, and then load it at a place
> >that the kernel knows to find it.
> >Regards
> >Greg
> I generated RAM disk image, (I can use uncompressed one) but I dont 
> know how  to make kernel to point out to it,
> when it tries to mount the file system.
> I ran kernel directly from RAM (without bootloader)
> Documentation ramdisk.txt in folder doc discuss  "Kernel Command Line 
> Parameters" with some offset. How to set those
> parameters for compiled kernel?
>                     Regards,
>                      Igor
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