[uClinux-dev] Re: Transfer Snapgear's image to Coyote board

magicworld at softhome.net magicworld at softhome.net
Mon Aug 22 10:22:28 EDT 2005

Hi doug, 

Thanks for your recommands, but our problem is somethig else.
We made our zImage&ramdisk files with snapgear-3.2.0 and choosed kernel 
linux-2.6.x & glibc then transfered them to our Coyote board but when we 
write "go -n 0x01600000" it just stop and uncompress.
Did you ever seen some reaction like this?
Can it be related on the kernel version that we choosed? 


Doug Kehn writes: 

> I just re-verified that the serial download, as
> documented, does still work with minicom. 
> With respect to HyperTeminal, I'd never tried it
> before and morbid curiosity to over.  I assume you
> have HyperTerminal properly configured and have a
> RedBoot prompt.  At the RedBoot prompt, enter the load
> command as shown in the ADI-COYOTE-HOWTO. 
> In HyperTerminal, click on the Transfer menu item and
> select 'Send File...'.  In the Send File dialog box
> enter the file you want to send and select 'Xmodem' as
> the Protocol.  Then click the Send button. 
> Regards,
> ...doug 
> --- magicworld at softhome.net wrote: 
>> Hi,  
>> Has anyone transfered Snapgear's image to Coyote
>> board with windows hyper 
>> terminal by serial port?
>> I need its stepes.  
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