[uClinux-dev] Re: Autorun an application-program (Greg Ungerer)

Friedrich, Lars lars.friedrich at wago.com
Thu Aug 18 03:11:48 EDT 2005

> How can I kill the application if I haven't got control with
> the terminal?.

You have control with the terminal. The terminal is not the
default controlling terminal for the application. Which makes
absolutely sense. Imagine user A logs into the machine and hits
Control-C. Exactly which applications are now supposed to get
the signal? ALL that were started? The background webserver
from user B will thank you.

And you can kill an application which doesn't have a controlling
terminal with the 'kill' command. This was already said. The kill
command does exactly the same thing as Control-C does. The only
difference is that kill wants to know the signal and the destination,
while Control-C will just send the INT signal to the foreground
process group of the controlling terminal.

> I can't write anything through the tty. I would like to do "telnet..."
> but It is impossible.

This must be your specific problem then. It's not related to (uC)linux.

> There are any way to run an application "like a script"
> or something like that when the uCLinux has started?.

Scripts don't have a controlling terminal either when they
are started without one.

Best regards,
Lars Friedrich

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