[uClinux-dev] I2C and /proc

Anand Kumar C B anandkumarcb at myw.ltindia.com
Tue Aug 16 23:21:51 EDT 2005

hai gavinl,
             i am really happy to know that u have ported i2c driver, i am in need of that please can u send it to me and guide me as to what step did u follow while porting and what are the difficulties that we can face while porting.... 
            please guide me porting...

with regard's

>>> gavinl at compacsort.com 08/17/05 03:35AM >>>
I recently ported the mcf_i2c_gpio bus driver to kernel 2.6 (anyone
interested in patches?  Where should I send them?).

All the I2C docs say that you're supposed to see information about I2C
busses and devices in /proc/bus/i2c, but it seems to be strangely blank
(in fact /proc/bus is empty).

Currently I don't have any I2C device drivers installed -- I'm just
using the dev interface and the userland i2ctool (which I also ported to
2.6).  That seems to work ok via /dev/i2c0.  But I'm worried that if I
start adding some device drivers it will start consuming I2C minor
numbers without telling me what is getting assigned where (which is what
I think /proc/bus/i2c is for, isn't it?).  So how do I get this to show

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