[uClinux-dev] Basic Shared Library Question

Pauli pauli at bne.snapgear.com
Sun Aug 14 19:31:16 EDT 2005

Brad Goodman wrote:

> However, there is only one library in the /lib directory - lib1.so -
> which is libc.

Assuming you're working with m68k compilers then correct.  We only bulid libc 
shared by default.  The trouble is that by default there are only four 
available library IDs.  One for the main program, one for libc pretty much 
always make sense.  What to use the two remaining IDs for?  Nothing is a sure 
fire win for everyone so I didn't try second guessing anything and left them 

So all your other libraries are being statically linked into the application.
Yes, this can be changed.  See the libc makefile for basic directions.

Re: the nm output you mentioned, the symbols with a 00 high byte are your 
program and non-shared libraries and those with 01 are libc.


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