[uClinux-dev] Running uClinux from romfs

David McCullough davidm at snapgear.com
Sun Aug 14 19:09:35 EDT 2005

Jivin Ashok lays it down ...
> Hi,
> I am using uClinux version 2.4.26 and it is working fine when run from ram
> on AT75C221 platform. I have to run same thing from romfs as I would like to
> test booting kernel from romfs within 2 second. 
> This kernel is not required to install any peripherals related drivers and
> also no network stacks. Just initialize processor, flash, ram and load some
> dsp driver module and spi, slic device driver. Is this possible to boot
> kernel within 2 second with this functionality?

You should be able to go close.   The more you take out the faster it
boots and we have full systems that boot in 3-4 seconds with full
network and so on.  I don't know the AT75C221,  how long is it taking to
boot at the moment ?


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