[uClinux-dev] Running uClinux from romfs

Ashok ashokhirpara at gmail.com
Sun Aug 14 14:26:15 EDT 2005



I am using uClinux version 2.4.26 and it is working fine when run from ram
on AT75C221 platform. I have to run same thing from romfs as I would like to
test booting kernel from romfs within 2 second. 


This kernel is not required to install any peripherals related drivers and
also no network stacks. Just initialize processor, flash, ram and load some
dsp driver module and spi, slic device driver. Is this possible to boot
kernel within 2 second with this functionality?


Please share your thoughts on this.  I am new to uClinux so please bear with
me if it sounds stupid..


I will appreciate prompt response to this.




- Ashok

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