[uClinux-dev] bad address when starting binaries from NFS-Root

Matthias Hampel hampel.matthias at gmx.de
Thu Aug 11 04:42:43 EDT 2005


(I already posted this message to the list but I did not get an answer.)

I am new to the uClinux mailing list, so let me introduce myself first. I
am working on a port of the uClinux Kernel to a derivative of the already
ported E132XS processor from Hyperstone.
So far the kernel is booting and the Root-FS is mounted through NFS from my
host. The problem is that if I want to execute a binary from the NFS
mounted Root-FS I get the error "bad address". After the binary has been
executed successfully at least once, the error never occurs again(the
application probably has been loaded into RAM and is cached so that it will
not have to be read from the host again).
I am still using the 2.4.20 uClinux kernel which has been provided from
Hyperstone/GDT(the ones originally porting the uClinux to the E1).
Maybe someone can give me a hint, on where the problem is located(Maybe it
is just a matter of using a new version of the uClinux Kernel).
If you need more information please tell me what you need in order to help

Best regards and thanks in advance

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