[uClinux-dev] Layered SPI driver in next release?

Zachary Landau kapheine at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 10:45:41 EDT 2005

> > Can we create a contrib directory ofr these sorts of patches ?
> > Each patch should have a README to tell us what it is about.
> > Just an idea...
> Yeah, we should do that. We should have a patch repository
> on www.uclinux.org. At least everyone can point to them, and
> we knoe we are all talking about the same thing. At least for
> the time until they are committed to the CVS.

We're only a hop, skip, and jump away from our own little -mm tree. 
Okay, maybe not.  But this would definitely help keep all of us from
having to search through old mailing list posts for patches.  It
should also make it a lot easier to keep track of what the pending
patches are.

Zachary P. Landau <kapheine at gmail.com>

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