[uClinux-dev] calling pthread_close terminates program

Friedrich, Lars lars.friedrich at wago.com
Thu Aug 11 01:54:35 EDT 2005

> However in this case it seemed to choose the wrong function.
> So by putting a comment around the pthread_close function in weaks.c,
> the linker only had one function to choose between and choosed the
> right one...
> So now my threads exits correctly.
> But why the wrong function got linked in in the first place I don't
> know.

I would first check the symbol entry with nm. If the weak flag is
missing there, it's a compiler or source code problem (something
redefining the tag for weak symbols to something else f.e.).
If the weak flag is there, I would blame the linker (after making
a test case showing exactly the wrong behaviour) and check if this
is already a known gcc bug.

Best regards,
Lars Friedrich

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