[uClinux-dev] Basic Shared Library Question

Goodman, Brad bgoodman at empirix.com
Wed Aug 10 22:52:38 EDT 2005

SO I have shared library support (with a 2.6 kernel) turned on, and allegedly working.

However, there is only one library in the /lib directory - lib1.so - which is libc.

So - shouldn't there be others? For example, things in the /user/ directory compile with flags like:

 -lssh -lopenbsd-compat -lutil -lcrypto

..doesn't this ellude to other libraries which should exist? Is this functionality being linked statically?

Also - I built libssl. Do I need to do something special to include it in the /lib folder, and have stuff link to it?

when I looked at the first 2 characters of the "nm" output, there was in-fact only references to "00" and "01", (and "FF" too) - so things are being resolved correctly - or linked somewhat statically.

Does my confusion make any sense??


bgoodman et empirix und com
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