[uClinux-dev] How to use MMU on the uClinux?

David McCullough davidm at snapgear.com
Tue Aug 9 07:38:36 EDT 2005

Jivin MadTop lays it down ...
> Hi all:
>      Now my board have mmu. I want to use it on the uClinux. How can I do it ? 
>      On the other hand , if I use the board with Linux . Where can I get right version of linux?

uClinux-dist is for MMU and no-MMU, all the kernels still support the
same targets as linux,  they also support no-MMU.  So you can just take
the dist and build for any target,  and thats what many already do.

	grep vendors/config vendors/*/*/config.arch

to see a rough list of mmu and nommu targets you can use as an example.


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