[uClinux-dev] calling pthread_close terminates program

Håkan Kvist hagar at df.lth.se
Tue Aug 9 05:08:39 EDT 2005


I have a multithreaded application which doesn't behave as expected.

When a thread terminates by calling pthread_close() the whole program
terminates, and not just the specific thread.

The program runs ok on a desktop running SuSE when linked against
either NTPL or linuxthreads (both using glibc).

Are the any difference in usage between linuxthreads+uClinux and 
linuxthreads+Linux (it shoudln't be but...)?

I'm currently using uClinux.dist-test-20050614 and kernel linux-2.6.9
targeting and s3c4510b / arm7tdmi based system.

Håkan Kvist

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