[uClinux-dev] Shared Library Problems - Don't seem to work at all!

Goodman, Brad bgoodman at empirix.com
Mon Aug 8 20:48:09 EDT 2005

Davey sez: "I believe that shared lib support is still broken in the 3.X seried of
toolchains,  and hopefully someone will correct me if I am wrong :-)"

Okay - so now I backed-down to the current "release" toolset - m68k-elf-tools-20030314 - and now, when building the kernel - I get:

usr/initramfs_data.S:29: Error: Unknown pseudo-op:  `.incbin'

Someone *just* posted that this was from binutils (I assume the assembler) being too old.

So - (you can see where this is going) - What tools am I supposed to use??? :-O


bgoodman et empirix und com

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