[uClinux-dev] colilo wont boot my 5275

Jordan Fuerst jfuerst at freewave.com
Mon Aug 8 17:44:01 EDT 2005

I have attached the boot.S file that compiles into the colilo s19 file. I believe that immediately after startup ther board should turn on some of its lights and then stop in a loop for the rest of eternity (as programmed in assembly in the boot.S file).

First I set The data directions to all outputs and then turn some lights. I verified that these things appear to be in the s19 file (also attached) however when the board turns on NOTHING happens. 

I must be missing something huge here. I have set the following mamory locations:

SDRAM= 0x00000000, LENGTH=0x01000000
USER = 0x20000000, LENGTH=0x00020000
SRAM = 0x20000000, LENGTH=0x00010000
VECTOR_RAM=0x20000000, LENGTH=0x00000400
EXT_SRAM=0x30000000, LENGTH=0x00080000
IPSBAR=0x40000000, LENGTH=0x40000000
EXT_FLASH=0xFFE00000, LENGTH=0x00200000
TH_FLASH=0xFFF00000, LENGTH=0x00100000

wich I found in the Motorola documentation. 
When I look through the S19 file it is my understanding that on startup the board should be jumping to 0xffe00400. There is code there as I think there should be. 

Does anyone have any idea as to what I am doing wrong? It is my understanding that without a bootloader I can not load uClinux into flash to start automatically.


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