[uClinux-dev] Automated uClinux builds

Phil Wilshire pwilshire at cox.net
Fri Aug 5 15:47:45 EDT 2005

Hi All
I would really like to see

as an auto build option using defaults.

  Phil Wilshire

Zachary Landau wrote:

>>>Does anyone have experience with setting up uClinux for automated
>>>builds?  I want to set up nightly builds but am running into some
>>>trouble getting everything setup correctly without a manual run of
>>>'make [menu]config'.  I'd like to be able to use all the defaults in
>>>vendors/VENDOR/PRODUCT.  My initial approach was to have the config.*
>>>files in PRODUCT/ be copied to the various locations as .config and
>>>.config.old and then run 'make oldconfig'.  Unfortunately, it doesn't
>>>seem like oldconfig sets up everything the way the interactive menus
>>>do.  For example, autoconf.h doesn't seem to be written, and symlinks
>>>to various directories aren't created.
>>I'm on vacation next week.  Perhaps we can work through this when I
>>return, assuming you've not figured it out already.
>In accordance with the rules of mailing list postings, I thought of a
>solution within a day of posting.  You can either copy a pre-generated
>uClinux-dist/.config file to the clean tree, or recreate it yourself
>(it is fairly small) and then run:
>    yes "" | make config
>That way, it will just use the default for all of the options.  If
>there is sufficient interest, we could have a build option like you
>suggested.  It could be 'make $PRODUCT' or probably 'make $VENDOR
>$PRODUCT' to generate the .config file and then run the above command.

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