[uClinux-dev] RE: uCLinux Shared Library Problems: BINFMT_FLAT: library 0 is younger than 1, killing init!

Mark Plowman Mark.Plowman at Vialis.nl
Fri Aug 5 05:37:01 EDT 2005


My 2 (euro)cents...

On Friday, August 05, 2005 5:17 AM, Goodman, Brad wrote:

> I was sucessfuly able to build a uClinux stock uClinux-dist-20041215
> distribution with the pre-built
> m68k-uclinux-tools-base-gcc3.4.0-20040603 tools.


> However, when I tried to flip-on CONFIG_BINFMT_FLAT=y and
> CONFIG_BINFMT_SHARED_FLAT=y in the 2.6.x kernel (I guess what I'm
> supposed to do to get shared library support) everything went south.

Just checking:

I assume that when it was still working you had set


and that you only added:


when you wanted to try shared library support.

If not, what format were your binaries when everything still worked?

> When I boot, I now get:
> Freeing unused kernel memory: 32k freed (0xe8000 - 0xef000)
> BINFMT_FLAT: library 0 is younger than 1, killing init!
> BINFMT_FLAT: failed to load library 1, killing init!
> BINFMT_FLAT: library 0 is younger than 1, killing sh!
> BINFMT_FLAT: failed to load library 1, killing sh!
> Kernel panic - not syncing: No init found.  Try passing init= option
> to kernel. 

Haven't I seen that too!  :-(

> So being (a Linux veteran, but) new to uCLinux - I have more
> questions than I do answers about this:

When I had similar probelms I went Googling and found some helpful

  http://www.beyondlogic.org/uClinux/bflt.htm - A good general

  http://www.ucdot.org/article.pl?sid=03/11/25/1126257 - explains how
  shared libraries work...

> 1. I assume the apps are built as an ELF format, and converted with
>    m68k-elf-elf2flt.  Is this correct?

That is my understanding.

> 2. Info on the init file shows me:
> [bkg at catbear init]$ m68k-elf-flthdr init
> init
>     Magic:        bFLT
>     Rev:          4
>     Build Date:   Thu Aug  4 00:36:26 2005
>     Entry:        0x48
>     Data Start:   0x2f00
>     Data End:     0x3270
>     BSS End:      0x14770
>     Stack Size:   0x1000
>     Reloc Start:  0x3270
>     Reloc Count:  0x1
>     Flags:        0x2 ( Has-PIC-GOT )
> How can I see which libraries it is trying to [dynamically] link to?

After linking - hardly - look in the makefile.

> 3. In my romfs/lib directory, I see only:
>   lib1.so  liberror.txt
> The lib1.so file tells me:
> [bkg at catbear lib]$ m68k-elf-flthdr lib1.so
> lib1.so
>     Magic:        bFLT
>     Rev:          4
>     Build Date:   Thu Aug  4 00:27:53 2005
>     Entry:        0x1000044
>     Data Start:   0x30fe0
>     Data End:     0x35f80
>     BSS End:      0x38380
>     Stack Size:   0x0
>     Reloc Start:  0x35f80
>     Reloc Count:  0x124
>     Flags:        0x2 ( Has-PIC-GOT )

OK.  The library was built earlier (00:27:53) than the application
that was linked against it (00:36:26), so it is safe for the
application to assume that the libraries interfaces are still as they
were when the application was linked.  (If the library was newer than
the application, the library could have changed the interfaces and it
would be unsafe to run the application without first relinking against
the library.)

> 4. Is the date discrepancy between the two files what is causing the
>    problem?

My understanding is: No.

The idea is that applications should be newer than the libraries they
refer to (and if a library refers to *another* library, that the
referring library should be newer than the referred to library).

The initial error message give us the clue: "...library 0 is younger
than 1...".

Th error message (cryptically) is telling us that Library 1 is
referring *back* to the applications (which it speaks of as "library
0").  That just shouldn't occur!  There is the problem.  The question
is: Where is the bug?  Who is making library 1 refer back to the
application ("library 0")?

> 5. Shouldn't there be a lot of other libraries in this directory?

Only you can tell me.  Look in you makefile.  What are you trying to
link in?

My understanding is that the embedded libc's (uC-libc & uClibc) tend
to throw everything into one library, so it wouldn't surprise me all
that much to only see one library...

> Is this a build problem?

I don't *think* so.  I *think/feel/guess* it is a toolchain thing...

> Thanks,

My pleasure,

> Brad Goodman

Mark Plowman

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