[uClinux-dev] snapgear 3.2.0/2.6.x/ixdp425 - does it work?

A. R. filesync at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 3 17:44:04 EDT 2005

Hi all,

When I build a 2.6.x kernel + Glibc - I get two

1. A Build error in mtd_abi.h because of __user stuff.

2. When I removed the __user stuff, and got it to
compile - all I get at boottime is some garbled text.
I even applied the -mbig-endian patch, but it didnt

Does snapgear3.2.0/2.6.x + Glibc really work on
IXDP425? (2.4.x has no issues at all).


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