[uClinux-dev] Can someone PLEASE help a newbie

Mike Lavender mike at steroidmicros.com
Wed Aug 3 17:43:44 EDT 2005

Hi Mark,

    "uClinux\Documentation\Adding-Platforms-HOWTO" provided me with the
information I needed to get going.


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>>Hi all,
>>Can someone PLEASE help me?  I am an embedded systems designer who is
>>looking at trying to run uClinux on a legacy Motorola 68302 based
>>industrial controller that I maintain.  I have been able to download,
>>install and configure uClinux to build the xCopilot example.
>>My question is this.  What all do I need to do to create my own
>>"generic" version of uClinux to run on my specific hardware.  I cannot
>>find any documentation on how to create my own "vendor/board" setup that
>>is specific to my memory map, devices, etc.
>>Can someone please just point me to the documentation or help me
>>determine what the next steps are?  It looks like uClinux is exactly
>>what I have been looking for, I just need a roadmap (or at least a
>>signpost or two :-) on where to go next.
>>Thanks in advance!
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