[uClinux-dev] external LAN SMSC911111

Ruediger Haertel hae at port.de
Wed Aug 3 17:43:39 EDT 2005

> >
> > This is not what is expected. The first 6 data bytes should contain
> > the arp broadcast address. Also the length of the received data is
> > always given as 0x7ff. Which cannot be true.
> >
> > Has anybody had similar effects ?
> Nope. Please tell us which kernel you are using. Otherwhise it is not
> really possible to help you.

I am using kernel 2.4.21. The problem as I understand it is like:

When an interrupt occurs then smc_rcv() is called which reads the 
receive buffer of the MAC. The 1st 4 bytes of the receive buffer are 
status information (2 Byte) and length information (2 Byte). It seems 
that the receive buffer does not contain the length information. I 
conclude this from the fact that when the length information is not 
read from the buffer arp and ping network services work correctly.

My guess is that maybe some wiring is not correct that causes the chip 
to not work correctly.


Ruediger Haertel

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