[uClinux-dev] Kernel + romfs attached.

Calò Massimo m.calo at ctsgroup.it
Wed Aug 3 17:42:58 EDT 2005

Hi all,


            I’m using the following makefile to generate my kernel and romfs
files :




      [ -d $(IMAGEDIR) ] || mkdir -p $(IMAGEDIR)

      genromfs -v -V "ROMdisk" -f $(ROMFSIMG) -d $(ROMFSDIR)

#CTSCP      $(CROSS_COMPILE)objcopy -O binary --remove-section=.romvec \

#CTSCP                  --remove-section=.text --remove-section=.ramvec \

#CTSCP                  --remove-section=.init \

#CTSCP                  --remove-section=.bss --remove-section=.eram \

#CTSCP                  $(ROOTDIR)/$(LINUXDIR)/linux $(IMAGEDIR)/linux.data

#CTSCP      $(CROSS_COMPILE)objcopy -O binary --remove-section=.ramvec \

#CTSCP                  --remove-section=.bss --remove-section=.data \

#CTSCP                  --remove-section=.eram \

--set-section-flags=.romvec=CONTENTS,ALLOC,LOAD,READONLY,CODE \

#CTSCP                  $(ROOTDIR)/$(LINUXDIR)/linux $(IMAGEDIR)/linux.text

#CTSCP      cat $(IMAGEDIR)/linux.text $(IMAGEDIR)/linux.data $(ROMFSIMG) >


      $(CROSS_COMPILE)objcopy -O binary $(ROOTDIR)/$(LINUXDIR)/linux


      gzip -c $(IMAGE) > $(GZIMAGE)




Starting from the default makefile for Samsung 4510b I have commented the
lines with “#CTSCP” and added the last 2 lines.


The Makefile works and produce the kernel and romfs correctly.


Now I need to have only one file with romfs attached to the kernel.


Any Help?








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