[uClinux-dev] How to start my journey of ucLinux.

Yongsheng Liu livylau at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 17:40:31 EDT 2005

Hi All,

 I am a new comer for ucLinux. for the first time touching ucLinux, I
needs lots of help from you. can you give me some useful advice or
information to led me to over the threshhold? any thing is welcome.
for example, you can introduce me some Web-site or some document. I
think if you can help me to get start, I can overcome every difficulty
by myself. though I am a newer, I am faith for that I can catch the
trend of ucLinux by my working hard. Please,please give me your
advice.please plase let me share your information to get me start. by
the way, ever I have lots of experience with embeded system
development. I have touched several system for embeded system but
linux. but I have some common sense of Linxu and familiar with the
kernel of Linux. in another hand, I am very intersting in that dig
deep information out for every thing pertaining to softwary.


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